Employment Law and Statutory Rights

Additional Paternity Leave & Pay (APL&P)

From April 2011, new regulations mean parents will have greater flexibility on how they use maternity and paternity leave. This takes affect for parents of children due, or matched for adoption, on or after 3rd April 2011.

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Changes to Employment Law 2011

There are a number of changes to employment law in 2011. These include retirement, agency workers, bribery, equality, maternity and paternity.

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A Century of Minimum Wages in Britain

Trade boards – precursors of the wages councils and today’s National Minimum Wage – were first enacted one hundred years ago in October 1909. Simon Deakin and Francis Green trace the legacy of a century of minimum wages in Britain.

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The UK's National Minimum Wage

The UK’s National Minimum Wage arguably represents the Labour government’s most significant intervention in the labour market. In the latest contribution to CEP’s ‘big ideas’ series, Alan Manning describes the Centre’s role in providing the intellectual context for the policy, advising on its implementation and evaluating its impact.

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Interrelationship between Sickness Absence & Holiday

There has been a lot of interest this year in European Court of Justice (ECJ) cases on sickness and holiday. There is now a new case on which it may be necessary to take action, described here.

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