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Just Unemployed or Benefit Claimant – you choose?

People have a habit of choosing statistics that support their case to back arguments. Governments are no different. The Retail Price Index was the historical measure of price inflation, but the Consumer Price Index became the measure of choice (and it’s no coincidence that it’s usually the lower of the two measures).

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Changes in output, employment & wages

Changes in output, employment and wages during recessions in the United Kingdom

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Recent Developments in Pay Setttlements

Pay settlements negotiated between employers and their employees have fallen sharply during 2009. This short article examines the recent movements in settlements.

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Employee Inventions

In February 2009 the High Court awarded two research scientists employed by Amersham Biosciences (a company later acquired by G E Healthcare) £1.5m as ashare of the benefit derived by their employer from its patents in respect of aradioactive imaging agent in whose development the two men had been instrumental.

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Culture & Environment - Call Centre Briefing

This briefing is based on the results of a special survey conducted by Paydata that reviewed culture and environmental issue in call centres.

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