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Total Reward Statements

Total Reward Statements can help you to engage employees and demonstrate the overall value of the reward package you provide.

Why use Total Reward Statements?

Their purpose is to help your people understand and be more aware of the:

  • Rewards you provide as an employer; and
  • True value of their reward package. 

Employees therefore gain a greater understanding of their reward package and the full range of potential rewards available to them, irrespective of whether they take them up or not. In return, employers gain a greater level of employee engagement.

Paydata Total Reward Statement design services

Paydata can help you design and deliver clear, concise and visually appealing total reward statements. This includes tailoring the design and content to suit your brand and values.

Our statements outline the value of traditional pay and benefits, such as base salary, bonus earnings and pension schemes. We then work with you to customise your statement to include additional benefits, such as gym membership.

If you want to know more about how Paydata’s total reward statements can help you project the values of your reward package, please get in touch.

Paydata employee engagement support services

If you need further support to engage your people, we can also help you to develop your reward strategy, review your pay and benefits packages and conduct employee research.