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Pay Benchmarking

Need to benchmark pay against competitors or the wider market? Paydata’s salary benchmarking consultancy services can help you to compare salaries and benefits with your peer groups, industry sectors, or the general marketplace.

Industry Salary Surveys

Pay data for specialist roles, jobs in a particular sector and/or a local area; members agree job profiles and we tailor reports to the group’s needs. There’s also the option for regular meetings and exchanges over the year.

Membership Surveys

Available for professional institutes and associations who need to run salary and rewards questionnaires with their members.

Executive Pay Benchmarking

Available as a senior salary survey, with the option of a Remuneration Committee report to help inform your executive reward decisions.

PAYstats National Pay and Labour Market Statistics

A monthly update on key areas such as inflation, employment and average earnings.

Pay Settlement Database

A new service from Paydata – PAYaward is a ‘by employer’ pay settlement and business insight service that informs your pay review discussions.

Bespoke Pay and Benefits Surveys

Collecting and analysing salary data tailored to your needs – such as a salary survey for a particular job type or sector, or a benefits study or policy report.

Pay Analyst Salary Benchmarking Database

Our salary benchmarking database holds pay data for around 1,000 roles, with information held by job family and job level. You can buy the whole survey or just the number of jobs you need.

If you would like to know more about how our pay benchmarking services can help you, please get in touch.