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Pay Analyst Salary Benchmarking Database

Do you need access to a wide range of salary benchmarking data?

If so, our PAYanalyst database may be just the resource you are looking for (unless you are looking for data on specialist industry roles, in which case our industry salary surveys may better fit your needs).

Pay benchmarking with PAYanalyst

PAYanalyst holds salary survey data for around 1,000 general industry roles. Arranged by job families and job levels, the database holds both base pay and variable cash data (such as bonuses). It combines two powerful features:

  • A job matching tool, which we lead, so there is less work for you; and
  • A powerful analysis tool that produces the pay data you need from the database.

The PAYanalyst benchmarking process

When you use our salary benchmarking database, the Paydata team will be on hand to support you every step of the way. First, we will check how your data is organised internally: whether you have a grading structure, standardised job titles or career families. If you do, we will use this information in the job matching process. If you don’t, we will agree with you how best our job matching matrix can meet your needs.

Next, you will need to give us a download from your HR or payroll system. We will assess this and agree with you what is needed to match your jobs; this includes supplying you with a job matching report outlining our work. If there is a lot to discuss, we may also suggest a job matching meeting with you.

After agreeing job matching, Paydata produces your personalised, easy to use, salary benchmarking report, showing how your internal pay data relates to the market. If you have your own job grading scheme or job families, we will use these in your survey report. Plus, if you need pay modelling or equal pay audit services, the report will already be in the right format for you to use.

We update the database throughout the year, so you can receive your report at a time that fits in with your pay review process.

To find out more about PAYanalyst, please get in touch.