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Employee Research

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Knowing what your people think about their work and the company is a helpful starting point to target policies and rewards more effectively.

Using employee research data information correctly can help you improve employee engagement levels, get recognition as a good employer and attract the right staff.
Paydata provides a range of research services to support your business and understand employee perceptions. These include staff satisfaction surveys and employee motivation benchmarking. As an independent third party, your teams can be assured of confidentiality, which helps them to be more open and frank in their responses.

Employee Research options

Our team’s practical HR experience means we are well-equipped to provide the following types of employee research, all tailored to suit your business needs:

1. Structured interviews

These are useful for understanding complex issues. For example, we regularly meet members of senior executive teams to develop reward strategy.

2. Focus groups and workshops

This type of research helps to get a wider viewpoint. We can facilitate employee groups to gain insights into concerns, or test and refine new developments.

3. Employee opinion surveys

From annual staff surveys covering life at work, to ‘pulse checks’ on hot topics such as new pay schemes, we can help you to listen to your people as a one-off or through regular dialogue. You can choose from online, paper-based, or email surveys.

Paydata employee research services

If you would like to know more about our employee research services or how else you could engage your people, please get in touch.