Switching your Total Reward Statement Supplier

Formed in 2005, Frontier Agriculture Limited is the UK's leading crop inputs and grain marketing business, working within the arable supply chain. The company operates from 40+ UK sites, employing approximately 800 people.

The issue

Frontier had already outsourced the production of annual paper-based employee statements for three years previously, using another external provider. The main aim was to refresh the approach taken and identify whether an alternative supplier could provide a better, cost-effective service.

Our solution

Paydata’s bespoke Total Reward Statement (TRS) solution helps employers produce professional-looking, branded statements, via a flexible Pick ‘n’ Mix service.

Organisations sometimes use their own design or communications department to agree the statements layout or in Frontier’s case, duplicate what had previously been produced. Most commonly, organisations use Paydata’s in-house creative designers, either customising a standard Paydata template or designing a highly tailored statement from scratch.

Data importing is simple, either by completing a data proforma or by providing an HR / Payroll download(s). Agreed business rules may be used to calculate certain values on the statements, e.g. all grade 5 roles receive a car allowance of £x.

Paydata produces physical hard-copy statements (available as single or double-sided A4, or 4-page A4 or A5 booklets), or emailable soft-copy documents in a single or multiple files (ready for upload to a companies intranet).  Paydata can also produce the accompanying employee letters, and finally stuff and post out the envelopes directly to employees.

Essentially, Paydata provides a hassle-free TRS solution to enable employers to demonstrate the total value of their reward package to their employees.

How it worked

Frontier provided to Paydata a statement template that had been used in previous years and that had been signed off by Frontier’s marketing team.

Employee data was supplied via a proforma and any agreed business rules were then applied by Paydata’s systems to this data to calculate a number of the reward elements. The statements covered between 7 and 11 reward elements, which differed individually.

Finally, the data was merged with the design template to produce personalised statements for each employee. 4-page A4 (booklets) statements were then printed, put into envelopes and posted out to employees for delivery to their home addresses.

The outcome

Frontier required only minimal re-prints in the weeks following distribution and employees now have a greater understanding of their current reward package.


“Paydata provided a very attentive, friendly and professional service to Frontier along with effective project management, attention to detail and appropriate levels of responsiveness. Frontier intend to work with Paydata again next time they undertake a TRS project.”

Jon Berry
Head of Human Resources
Frontier Agriculture